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Next generation traffic management revolves around providing smart, tailored route advice for every motorist. This is the essence of the VM-IVRA (Traffic Management Information for Route Advice) project. Operating under the motto "from traffic data to smart routing," it brings road authorities, service providers, and car manufacturers into the realm of digital traffic management.

By engaging in collaborative data sharing and advancing the development of smart in-car services, motorists can navigate to their destinations efficiently and safely, while considering the safety and liveability of the environment.

VM-IVRA applications


Pre-announcement of road works and events

Traffic disruptions

Sharing of traffic disruptions (including incidents, tunnel closures, road works and weather-related restrictions)

School zone notifications

Sharing of policy data such as school zones (available nationwide in 2024)

Environmental zones

Sharing of policy data such as environmental zones (available nationwide)

Digital information messages

Sharing of diversion information using Digital Information Messages

data chain

In the VM-IVRA project we connect road authorities and traffic centers with road users. We do this by sharing policy information (environmental and school zones and window times) and operational data (detour scenarios and traffic measures during incidents, road works and events) from road authorities with service providers which enable them to enrich and improve their existing navigation services and give road users an up-to-date picture of the situation on the road.

We are creating an additional channel for road operators, in-vehicle. That means that we need to take steps in our digital change task.

Folkert Bloembergen, Talking Traffic programme manager

By sharing data with service providers, navigation apps are abl to provide road users with better route advice. The apps can avoid routing through residential areas or past schools.


Robert Kok, smart mobility programme coordinator LVMB

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Team VM-IVRA: from left to right Rolf Krikke, Irma van ´t Hek, Ronnie Quaink, Marieke Bijl, Gerard Martens, Esther de Waard, Eline Loogman and Mark ten Brummelhuis


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